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Slate Bed Versus Board Top

Which Is Best Value?

So, here's the thing. You're in the market for a pool table. You spot that the Warehouse sell a board top table for around $500 and it seems like a deal. But is it? We don't think so and here's why.

First, it is not a slate bed. This means that it will most likely warp (or even be delivered to you already warped). Second, the cloth is not actually real pool cloth and it will not last (perhaps not even beyond your first few weekends of play). Third, the cushions are not removable from the top frame and the top frame is not removable from the table base. This means that you can never recover the table (even if the cloth gets ripped). Fourthly, there is close to zero residual value in a board top table : just check trade me, they are selling for $20.

Our advice, if you can stump up the extra cash, then buy a slate bed table. Our range starts at just $2500.


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