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Know Your Pool Table Cloth

Napped, Speedball or Imported Hybrid Cloth

Whether you are thinking about buying a new pool table or recovering your existing one, choosing the right pool table cloth is key to your enjoyment of the game. There are three different types :

  • Napped Cloth is "hairy" - this gives you more control over the white ball and provides for a much better game. All snooker tables will use napped cloth and the better quality pool tables too. Our tables are supplied with the best napped cloth in the business - Strachan or Hainsworth.
  • Speedball Cloth is smooth - it is more hardwearing than napped cloth so is a good option for pool tables that are outdoors or in rented holiday homes where you cannot be sure of how careful the players are being.  
  • Imported Hybrid Cloth is a weird cloth somewhere in the middle - you will usually find it on cheap "one use pool tables". Slate bed pool tables are manufactured to be relcothed since the cloth does not outlast the table itself. One use pool tables might look like a bargain but most cannot be reclothed because the manufacturers glue together parts that need to be removed to recloth the table.  That makes for a false economy.


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