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Maintenance Tips Every Pool Table Owner Should Know

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The last two years have been rather tough for people, regardless of where they live. That has been no different for the good folk from New Zealand. The quarantine and lockdown rules changed lives and people sought new ways to have fun.
For some folks, free spins on registration for kiwi players was a good incentive to try online casinos, while others tried something a little bit different and offline, like playing pool at their home.
If you bought a pool table for yourself and your family, you might have a few questions on how to take care of it. Here are the maintenance tips every pool table owner should know.
Clean The Table Body Regularly With A Damp Cloth - One of the best ways to provide your pool table with a long life is to clean it on a regular basis. However, you must be careful when choosing your cleaning products because some can be abrasive and corrosive. This is why your best option is to use just a damp, soft cloth. 
Brush Your Pool Table After Use - If you want your table to look good as new for a long time, you have to brush it with a table brush every time you finish playing. This will help you to easily remove the chalk and dust. You can also vacuum it gently every once in a while. All our pool tables are supplied with napped cloth.
When it comes to brushing the table cloth, you must brush with the nap – in one direction. That means from the baulk end to the black spot. Make sure to use soft strokes that run parallel to the cushions. Gentle is the crucial word here.
Do Not Eat Nor Drink Over The Table - Beer, wine, soft drinks and other foodstuffs around the table is not a good idea. The cloth can be easily stained so best to avoid this all together.
Cover Your Table Whenever You’re Not Playing - If you are passionate about pool, you definitely don’t want your table cloth to fade or get stain. One of the best ways to prevent this from happening is to use a pool table cover when you’re not using it. This will prevent the dust from collecting on the cloth.
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