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Pool Games: Online vs Offline

Looking back to the mid-nineteenth century, pool was one of the most popular games for people from all backgrounds.
Eight ball pool became the preferred version of the game and tournaments are still played today around the world. Its rules are easy to follow, just the skill that makes you an expert is hard to learn.
The fact that eight ball pool has been popular through different generations has meant it would be popular on smartphones.
The joy of pool games is the fact they can be played either offline on physical pool tables or online. The game has been popular for generations and was an instant hit when it became available at our fingertips.

Offline Games
Offline games are wildly popular as once it’s downloaded they can be played whenever, and wherever in regards to smartphone apps.
In 2018, 83 percent of all computer and video games were sold in digital form in the United States. More than 1 billion people have downloaded Subway Surfers from the Google Play store.
Eight Ball Pool is slightly lower but over 500 million people have downloaded the game made available by Miniclip.com.
Offline games do not require an internet connection which ensures there are no barriers other than battery life to the gamer.

Online Games
Online games that were traditionally popular offline have become a huge hit around the world. A good example of this would be casino games which have boomed since their transition online. Online casinos provide a range of casino bonuses to new customers when registering online to play for real money. By not relying on bricks and mortar casino buildings, online casinos can reach people at any time and any place.
There is no longer the need to arrange a specific evening out to the casino. No need to travel or get dressed up depending on the dress code.
Having casino games available in an instant has given people the opportunity to play while waiting for appointments or commuting to work. There is no need to plan plenty of time to play, you can play on the go for short periods as well.

Online vs Offline
When it comes to pool, there are several options available for users to download.
Pool Billiards Pro is a popular offline version of the game on Android. It brings three different levels of difficulty as well as the chance to play against a computer or complete arcade challenges.
The gameplay is smooth, and you can decide between using the aiming guidelines as you progress.
The benefit of playing the offline version is that you can play whenever without using data or connecting to WIFI.
One issue with these is the built-in adverts that come through after each game in most downloads.
As there is no need to register many will keep requesting you do so to unlock special offers or further features within the game.
The online options though, give you more options than that of offline games.
Firstly, the ability to play against other people from anywhere in the world gives a more social element to the game. Offline you can only play on the computer opponent, but in online games, you can often enter tournaments or play one-off games with others who have downloaded the game.
With the ability to continually upgrade the game from the developer’s standpoint, the user doesn’t need to uninstall and download a new version. The game can be tweaked in online mode and not negatively affect the users. 

Changing how we play
Online gaming has taken the way we play and game further in accessibility and entertainment.
The way games people would play alone have been transformed into global social activities has helped bring more interaction and entertainment.
Being able to play against friends who have moved away and it’s not as easy to visit anymore can help keep friendships together.
The games themselves have been able to become more challenging and varied. This often can be seen as a great way to improve decision-making and analytic skills.
We use forms of games and activities in our learning as children. This way of learning keeps our brains more active and adds to the learning skills we use to solve problems.
Physically we get a bit slower as we get older, that’s unavoidable. But a lot of these online games, such as pool, help keep our hand-eye coordination are a good level. Some games simulate real-world movements which help improve/maintain good eye coordination and motor skills.
There is a wealth of positives to online gaming, while offline continues to provide great entertainment as well.
As technology continues to advance, the games we have on offer to us will continue to develop and be more immersive and engaging than ever.
While gamers must always remember there can be a cost element to online gaming, the information on this is always available to you before playing and can be read before committing.
There is no denying how fun gaming can be, it also brings us some positives mentally, through socialising as well as building problem-solving skills as mentioned previously.
It is one of the best ways to learn, as well as one of the best ways to keep ourselves happy and motivated.
Gaming often can help keep our minds active and now with the social aspects of online gaming, we can stay in touch with people as well as make new friends.


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