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What Does It Take To Become A Pro Snooker Player?

Becoming a professional snooker player is a challenging feat that has many steps. If you’re playing snooker or pool and think you're good at it, that might be a good foundation. However, if you dream of becoming the number 1 snooker player like Ronnie O’Sullivan, there is much more to it than recreational play.
Snooker competitions
The most prestigious competition in the world of snooker is the World Championship. The biggest names compete for the title. Fans and bookmakers wait for the event impatiently because you can see the best in top players. You can also find great snooker odds during the World Championship on most online sports betting and casino sites.
Aside from the biggest tournament run by the World Snooker Association, which has the largest prize fund, snooker players compete in the World Snooker Tour. To become a pro, you must climb through amateur ranks, play through ranking tournaments, and finally qualify for one of the pro tournaments where the World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association will monitor your progress. If you manage to break through and become one of 128 pros on tour, you will have the chance to fight for significant prize money in 28 tournaments in the season.
Things to consider before going all in
Even if you’re an exceptional recreational billiard or snooker player, there are a few things to consider before contemplating a pro career. First, just like in other sports, you must have some given ability and talent. Because we are speaking about the pro level, where differences are slight, and most players can win on any given day, it is hard to reach such a level of proficiency.
That leads us to the second thing. To get as good as the top 10 or even top 100 players, you should start playing on large tables from an early age. As soon as someone spots the talent, it would be best if you got accustomed to playing on a full-size table. If you transfer from a standard table to a large one too late, you probably won’t have enough to compensate and reach the pros.
How to begin
You have to love the game of snooker. Watch the World Championship or a couple of tournaments, and learn the rules. Joining a local snooker club is a great start. More experienced players will teach you how to approach the game, the tricks of the trade, and how to train correctly.
When you become good enough, you should start going to tournaments. It is a slow progression, but consider winning out on the amateur level and improve your skills constantly before you apply for ranking tournaments.
Traits of great pro snooker player
Playing snooker seriously takes an incredible amount of self-discipline. You must have a strong will and dedication and have that competitive gene. Talented players have excellent hand-eye coordination, concentration, and technique. In addition, you can work on playing matches under pressure and building your confidence. Snooker is often a game where your psyche is a more prominent opponent than the other player at the table.
Talent and given ability are great, but it’s impossible to go pro without a rigorous training regime. Consider hiring a coach that could elevate your game further. Ideally, you can find a decent snooker club that can help you with skill and improves your consistency.
Although snooker doesn’t look like a demanding sport, it takes a toll on your body. You might suffer back, shoulder and neck injuries without training in the gym.
Training snooker and fighting through the ranks to become a pro will take time and dedication. You will probably have a regular job and train simultaneously for an extended period until you make a breakthrough and find a company sponsor. If you have talent and perseverance, there is a chance of becoming a pro in snooker. However, few accomplish that high level of play, but you can still enjoy the game as an amateur.


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