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Strachan 6811 Cloth in Green



Table Size

Manufactured in England but cut from our roll here in New Zealand so no "aged" fold creases that can be impossible to iron out. The cloth is cut from a roll which is 63 inches wide. Each table size option includes all the cloth that you need for both the slate bed and the cushions.

Strachan is the official and exclusive cloth of the International Pool Players Association and the World Eightball Pool Federation. Tournament quality, fast and accurate. Treated with Spillguard to protect against stains and spills.

The Strachan cloth has been made in the West of England since 1890. Strachan English pool cloth is regarded around the world as the leading brand in its market. The choice of table manufacturers, operators, fitters, players, pubs and clubs, its superior nap provides players with unrivalled ball control, speed and positional accuracy.

For operators, pub and club owners, Strachan is a brand that can be trusted. It looks great from the moment it's fitted, will continue to perform over its lifespan and will outlast its nearest rival.

Is your Strachan cloth genuine? All genuine West of England Strachan cloth has these characteristics. First, the Strachan Stroud logo appears every 2 metres on the underside of the cloth. Second, there is a unique roll number and cloth style name in black digital print on the underside edging. Thirdly, the woven edge for Tournament cloth is blue is Club red border. If one of these is missing, then your cloth is not genuine.

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