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Slate Bed or Board Top - Pool Table Advice

Which Is Best....

Slate bed pool tables are the real deal. They will outlast board top pool tables many times over.

Slate bed pool tables will give a truer game whereas board top tables will warp over time and dent too - in many instances, board top tables are delivered warped - check out the online reviews for some of the board top tables sold via the daily deal sites - it doesn't make for pleasant reading.

Slate bed pool tables are fully serviceable - this means the cloth and, if necessary, the cushion rubbers can be changed. Board top tables often do not give this option meaning a ripped cloth cannot be repaired.

Slate bed pool tables are more expensive than board top tables because they are better quality. Some slate bed pool tables are 10 times as expensive as a board top. For most customers, this makes the board top more appealing. However, think twice before jumping in and buying a board top. Our slate bed pool table range are just twice the price of a board top pool table and since it will outlast it by many years, makes more sense for sure.......


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