Cheap Pool Table


Which Is Best....

Slate bed pool tables are the real deal. They will outlast board top pool tables many times over. Slate bed pool tables will give a truer game whereas board top tables will warp over time and dent too - in many instances, board top tables are delivered warped - check out the...
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The Richmond Pool Table

June 28, 2019

In Black and Blue

The Richmond Pool Table is a slate bed, 7ft pool table manufactured in the UK and available for delivery nationwide in New Zealand. The Richmond Pool Table is just $3000 and that includes a full set of accessories. One of the main benefits of all our pool tables is that they...
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Just $2750 - Plus Delivery

This is the Richmond Pool Table in White and Purple with Strachan 6811 Cloth and a full set of accessories for just $2750. Fancy one? Get in touch to find out more..........
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Pool Table Sale !

June 19, 2018

Free Accessory Upgrade....

Here's an offer for you - a free accessory upgrade for all Pool Table Sales during the rest of June 2018. Our slate bed pool tables are already the best value in New Zealand and with this offer, you will be getting an even better deal. Get in touch to find out more.........
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New Zealand's Best Value Pool Tables

This pool table costs just $2750 which includes GST and a full set of accessories. Unlike some of the low priced pool tables here in New Zealand, it is a slate bed pool table. This makes it a commercial grade, robust piece of kit, weighing upwards of 200kg. Subject to some T...
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