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Which Is Best....

Slate bed pool tables are the real deal. They will outlast board top pool tables many times over. Slate bed pool tables will give a truer game whereas board top tables will warp over time and dent too - in many instances, board top tables are delivered warped - check out the...
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NZ Pool Tables For Sale

June 16, 2019

Best NZ Pool Table Pricing

We pride ourselves on selling pool tables that we would happily buy ourselves. This table is called the Richmond Pool Table and it is a slate bed 7ft pool table supplied with a full set of accessories for just $3000 plus shipping. Since our pool tables are super easy to self...
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Complete with FREE Accessory Pack !

For the month of January 2017, we have reduced the price of the City Pool Table to just $1999. We have the table available in black, oak and beech right here in Auckland, with your choice of cloth colour from green, blue, red, burgundy, grey, black or purple. We have limited...
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