Pool Table Diner - Cheapest in NZ


In Driftwood and Black.

If you have house or office where space is at a premium, consider swapping out your meeting room table or dining table for this dual purpose pool table. It is supplied with a two piece diniing top and you can go from eating your sprouts or discussing last years profit and lo...
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In White and Blue

The is the Chelsea Pool Table Diner in White and Blue. It's the least expensive pool table diner in New Zealand and yet it boasts a slate bed, Strachan  6811 tournament cloth, a full accessory pack and a two piece dining top too (not shown). Choose your favourite colour...
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With or Without Dining Tops

The Chelsea Pool Table Diner is a 7ft slate bed pool table that is supplied with a full set of accessories and a two piece dining top. The table is manufactured in the UK, weighs over 220kg when installed and is made from top quality materials. We have a showroom on Auckland...
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Including a Two Piece Dining Top and Accessory Pack !

Just $3450. Sound like deal? Well it is. We have 30 of these tables currently in stock in various finishes and cloth colours. Get in touch to reserve yours....
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